Four Season..

I love to take shots and than playing , changing on it for make them more visible by the other eyes seen by my eyes…this is lovely one..💖💖


I have learned something special, that i owned,i have,i saw,i’ve heard,i’ve been…what i saw is appeared again front of my eyes with just a little parallax and differs huge from previous…

Today, i have learned something new from that i knew before,l’ve encountered many times…i feel weak and mostly dead, resurrection has begun and im feeling different now… this is the next level..


Have you ever wondered what does mean a kaleidescope…

When i was 4 years old…my dad has made something weird for me like that i dont even know what it is.. using some part of glasses , shiny papers and glue… after done that he said to me look inside of it , when i look into it …i couldn’t choose a word for what i saw but a big “wooow!!!” and now i’m writing this and i can’t still find a word to describe what i saw There was no any word to describe what inside of a kaleidescope..simple but amazing..

Always be ready to make a big woow go and make a kaleidescope and look inside .. maybe something is waiting for you there that you have never seen before…